Airlie Engineering Solutions - Providing a carbon & environmental management solution for Industrial, Commercial and Municipal clients.

We source, optimise and focus on decreasing your waste spend while increasing resource recovery and governance.

The process typically starts with an audit of your facilities which allows us to report on recommendations and potential payback to our clients.

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We are a unique business operating across the UK and Ireland.  We provide carbon and environmental support to companies in the following areas:

  • Water
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Commodities

Our team of engineers has over 80 years experience in carbon and environmental services providing bespoke solutions to our clients whose reputation and adherence to standards are of paramount importance.

We can embed quickly and effectively into organisations as we know our clients sector specific requirements, culture and standards.

"The process begins with bidding and finding the best cost or rebate for your commodities, thus contributing to your bottom line savings.  

The process continues to deliver through on-time reporting and legislative assurance.

All of the above is covered within the framework of carbon and sustainability."


Optimum solution for water, waste, energy & commodities (including price and supply chain)
Legislative assurance and gold standard governance
On time reporting (including structure and breakdown)

Why use Airlie Engineering Solutions Limited?

We seek opportunities to reduce our client’s water consumption and wastewater output as well as optimising waste streams and efficiency of process plant utilisation with a focus on life-cycle costs.

We can get you a better price due to our bulk buying power, understanding of supply chains and established relationships.

We consider service levels and costs, market analysis and seasonal fluctuations. We will endeavour to find hidden opportunities for savings while also achieving a better understanding of material inefficiencies. This is a process in the waste industry known as right-sizing — reducing disposal and increasing recycling, and thus reducing overall costs.

We will also ensure legislative compliance through management and auditing of the supply chain. We will supply on time reporting with agreed KPIs.

Commodities which we manage include





Wood and Waste Wood

Alum Sludges

DAF & Cake Sludges

Contaminated Soils

Bottom & Fly Ash

Carbon Fibre

Food Waste

C&D Fines

Dry Mixed Recyclables

Hazardous Waste

We deliver the following key benefits to your business

Unbiased approach to best practice

We will provide you with valuable information and analysis that will assist in your efforts to implement sustainable solutions including recycling, beneficially reuse and effective logistic management of waste streams and commodities.

Compliance with governance and legislative requirements

We will customize solutions, address your challenges, and heighten awareness to improve your overall environmental performance and standard operating procedures.

Project design and management for environmental projects

Reduced waste to landfill (working with clients to achieve 100% diversion from landfill)

Flexible agreements that allow you to change according to your business needs.  We are a resource that can be used as required, more economical than hiring staff. 

Consolidation of sites. Typically one invoice, one point of contact and one report.

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Send us the following commodity details:


We will carry out a free procurement exercise on your behalf.


Contact us with details of your facility and we will carry out a free site audit on your waste facilities and issue you a report on conformance to legislation, health and safety and process and supply chain recommendations.

Above will be carried out subject to eligibility criteria and will observe confidentiality and GDPR regulations.

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